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The Mares of Lady Luck Ranch


Hobnob's Sadie
Sire: Top - T Beamish Ace
Dam: Hobnob's Miranda
Foaled: July 28, 1995
Color: Chestnut
AMHA No. 00136203

Show Results:

2002 North Star Morgan Americana
1st Sport Horse In Hand

Sadie is a very pretty, big-moving, chocolate chestnut mare.   A judge once said she has a ‘cat-like’ walk.

— Cherie Olson

Hobnob's Sadie's recent offspring:

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LLR Legal Contender
LLR Legal Contender
Sire: LLR High Finance
Foaled: April 24, 2005
Color: Chestnut
LLR Can You Hear Me Now
LLR Can You Hear Me Now
Sire: Chief of State
Foaled: July 2, 2003
Color: Chestnut
Hobnob's Sadie

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  • Hobnob's Sadie

    AMHA No.00136203

  • Beamine26446

  • Top-T Illini Beam74621

  • Pinecrest Lee013508

  • Top-T Beamish Ace90471

  • Bennfield's Ace15971

  • Mlitas Glen Bonnie026890

  • Lippitt Glenna011750

  • Hobnob's Sadie

  • Courage of Equinox23622

  • Equinox Accent30366

  • Waseeka's Charm016578

  • Hobnob's Miranda0116654

  • Kane's Leading Man21867

  • Bonnie Lee Caress029513

  • Sunnyview Scarlett017227

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