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LLR High Velocity
Sire: Chase Manhattan
Dam: Kew Desdemona
Foaled: May 01, 2001
Color: Bay
AMHA No. 00155313

I want to thank Laine and Cherie Olson for introducing me to the world of horsemanship. It has truly been a life changing experience for me, and I will always be grateful to them.

Laine and Cherie welcomed me into Lady Luck Ranch, where I first started taking riding lessons with an instructor who worked there. They allowed me to groom their horses and get to know them. They were patient and kind, and they seemed to really enjoy introducing me to their love and passion.

I eventually fell in love with ‘High Velocity,’ one of their beautiful mares, after spending a lot of time grooming her and getting to know her. Not only was ‘Vallie’ beautiful but she was so gentle, patient and sweet tempered. I realize now that she mirrors the type of initial training she received from Laine and Cherie.

Laine and Cherie worked extremely hard to ensure that my experience purchasing Vallie was a successful one. I knew they cared deeply for their little mare and wanted a good home for her.

I have since moved Vallie closer to my home, but I keep in contact with Laine and Cherie, who remain interested in how we are doing. Vallie and I have continued our training, taking dressage lessons twice a week, and riding together everyday.

— Beth Sawinski

LLR High Velocity

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  • LLR High Velocity
  • LLR High Velocity

    AMHA No.00155313

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  • LLR High Velocity

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