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LLR Heart Beat
Sire: FCF Esprit De Lark
Dam: LLR Xtreme
Foaled: May 25, 2004
Mare  Black
AMHA No. 0165716

Hayley is a shiny coal black mare that is just starting her training. She is very pretty, and she knows it. Everybody that comes through the barn notices her. She has expressive eyes, and she does have a lot of attitude about herself.

— Cherie Olson

LLR Heartbeat

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  • LLR Heart Beat

    AMHA No.0165716

  • Starfire10170

  • Waseeka's Nocturne11181

  • Upwey Benn Quietude06391

  • Waseeka's Skylark15061

  • Upwey Ben Don8843

  • Windcrest's Delight07621

  • Seneca Sweetheart05525

  • FCF Esprit De Lark113667

  • Prince Cobra12786

  • Sorento70814

  • Dove's Breeze On023800

  • Evita080687

  • Tas-Tee's Firefly12176

  • Shaker's Eva020494

  • Holly's Gay B012141

  • LLR Heart Beat

  • Noble Command27414

  • Noble Flaire93081

  • Lost River Sanfield029099

  • Nostradamus121645

  • Beamington16635

  • Beam's Victoria067632

  • Regina Linsley017174

  • LLR X-Treme0151680

  • Prince Cobra12786

  • Sorento70814

  • Doves Breeze On023800

  • Kew Desdemona015750

  • Trophy10196

  • Trophy's Trinket018994

  • Broadwall Belinda09302

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