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LLR Extra Dividends
Sire: LLR High Finance
Dam: Hobnob's Emily
Foaled: May 30, 2006
Color: Bay with Dunn characteristics
AMHA No. 0171726

Diva is a bay with dunn characteristics that has the cutest face. She won reserved out of 60 foals in a cutest foal contest. From the day she was born she has loved people. She is so fun to be around and likes a lot of attention!

— Cherie Olson

LLR Extra Dividends

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  • LLR Extra Dividends
  • LLR Extra Dividends

    AMHA No.0171726

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  • Tug Hill Commando85508

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  • Treble's Willy Wild67948

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  • UVM Tempest018871

  • LLR High Finance121645

  • Hotspit71149

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  • Anna Cobra 028667

  • Caduceus Falconette 099462

  • The Brown Falcon11180

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  • LLR Extra Dividends

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  • Hobnob's Emily0125662

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  • UVM Larry14554

  • Sunnyview Scarlett017227

  • Sunnyview Silhouette012857

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